Child Saving Institute/Human Services
Oct 27, 2021
Evell Thomas
Child Saving Institute/Human Services

Evell Thomas works at Child Saving Institute as a part of the Adoption and Permanency
Services and Development Department. Child Saving Institute is a not-for-profit agency serving
nearly 2,700 families and children in 15 programs such as Foster Care, Independent Living
Skills, KidSquad and the Emergency Shelter. The mission of the agency is “Responding to the
Cry of a Child”. Child Saving Institute began serving children and families in 1892 and
continues to develop and modify programs to meet the current needs of children.

It is through Child Saving Institute’s connection and partnerships with organizations that we are
able to serve the children and families in this community. It is through this connection that Evell
Thomas comes to share and bring you an update of the agency.