Oct 14, 2020
Tony Veland, AIM Institute
AIM Institute - Job Creation

Meeting recording available for about one week.


Tony Veland, the Director of Community Engagement for the AIM Institute, is an Omaha native who is known for his past accomplishments in the sports arena as former Nebraska Cornhusker and Denver Bronco.  As a two-time National Champion and a Superbowl Champion, he has experienced success at the highest levels, and he loves to use his platform to encourage the next generation to be successful in life beyond the areas of athletics.  The AIM Institute helps to accomplish this as they provide exposure to a growing technology industry that abounds in opportunity.  With the mission being to increase the tech talent pipeline, they have created platforms for individuals of all ages to take advantage.  Tony speaks to the impact they are having in the community and the ways that an individual or business can get involved.