Are you getting the most out of Rotary?  Get more by following your passion for one of the avenues of service to find a committee (or two) to join.  Be involved in Rotary by finding your project(s)to be involved!

Rotary’s AVENUES OF SERVICE guide our activities:

  • Through Club Service, we have fun, build lasting friendships, and make sure that our club runs well.
  • Through Vocational Service, we volunteer our professional skills to serve others and promote integrity in everything we do.
  • Through Community Service, we address local needs and work with our community
  • Through International Service, we meet humanitarian needs around the globe and promote world understanding and peace.
  • Through Youth Service, we work with young people to help them become the next generation of leaders, visionaries, and peacemakers.

Download this file to sign up!  You get out of Rotary what you put into it!  Please consider joining more than one committee and participate in 2 to 4 projects and helping with at least one club service committee.