Elton Palacio is a 14 year old from Belize with severe Scoliosis.   Routine pre-surgery tests in Philadelphia discovered a significant heart issue for which they wanted a pediatric cardiologist to evaluate. Rotary in Belize reached out to us to ask if Children's would help. Elton was accepted last weekend, flew to Omaha on Tuesday, had tests and doctor visits Wednesday, and had a heart catheterization Thursday morning.  Unfortunately, he is not a candidate for open heart surgery so his anticipated surgery for scoliosis at Shiner's in Philadelphia has been postponed and probably cancelled.  Until arriving in the US a month ago for his back surgery, the family was completely unaware of his heart issue.  Needless to say, we are all disappointed he will be returning to Belize this weekend without corrective heart and/or back surgery.  We will plan to see him on our next Operation Hippocrates visit to Belize.
Thanks to Sandy Lempke for immediately volunteering a wheelchair for his use while here.  Thanks to Hal Daub for his help transporting Elton as needed while in Omaha.  I think this will include a VERY early morning trip to the airport this weekend or Monday morning.  Hal says he is up for it.
Thanks to all Rotarians for your support of Operation Hippocrates.
p.s. We have received United Miles pledges of about 180,000 toward United’s minimum of 250,000 to use for the medical team to travel to Belize yet this year.  
If you have any United Miles that would help us defray the cost of our next trip to Belize, please let me or Leigh know you are willing to donate them to the club(at no cost to you).