May 03, 2017
Dr. Maryanne Stevens
College of Saint Mary

The Rising Costs of Post-Secondary Education,  Dr. Maryanne Stevens, College of Saint Mary

Last fall, College of Saint Mary’s Board of Directors took a bold step towards making a college education more accessible and affordable for the students it serves. While colleges and universities across the country were making plans to increase tuition and fees for fall 2017, College of Saint Mary went against the grain by taking a step in the opposite direction.

College of Saint Mary President Maryanne Stevens will address the rising costs of post-secondary education and how the value of a college education must remain a topic of conversation among the nation’s educational, business, and political leaders.

Program Committee Contact:  Pam Peterson

Invocation:  Pete Zandbergen

Music Director:  Erik Soballe

Piano:  Dr. Jim Scott-Miller

Greeters:  Jena Bailey, Jim Stewart

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Gretchen Kirchmann

SGT of Arms
SETUP:  John Marburger