On Aug 10th, Sarah Conaway, president of the Bellevue Rotary Club, presented $8,000 to two projects which will help the local community. $4,000 went to the Sarpy County Museum to help renovate the interior of the recently moved caboose and $4,000 went to Bellevue East High School Inclusive community project which will benefit disadvantaged students. According to Conaway “these funds represent a new record in giving by the club to community projects and are made possible by matching funds from a Rotary district grant and funds raised from the club’s annual golf tournament”.
Ben Justman, director of the Sarpy County Museum is very pleased with the grant and is honored that the Rotary club chose the museum and the caboose as recipients for a project which will benefit many in the community.
Kevin Rholphs , Principal and Deirdre McKinley, Assistant Principal from Bellevue East were amazed at the size of the grant and McKinney was thrilled that so many students could benefit from the Rotary grant this year.  Indeed she said there’s absolutely no question this money “will positively impact the lives of students for a very long time”.
This year marks the third year that the Bellevue Rotary club has provided grants to help support community projects, but this year the Bellevue club is one of the few clubs in the district to award two grants. In addition to grants, the club provides scholarships, hosts a Teacher of the year Recognition event, and regularly supports the Salvation Army and the Bellevue Food Pantry. 
In the first picture: Rich James (Bellevue Rotary Club Social Chair) and Deirdre McKinley (Principal Bellevue East High School) and Tina
In the second picture:  Jeff Smith (Bellevue Rotary Club Program Chair) and Ben Justman from Sarpy County Museum
HolBrook (Math Teacher Bellevue East High School)