2000-2001 - President Mike Gurtler
Officers for the program year:
President: Mike Gurtler
President Elect: Joe Losquadro
Sargent-at-Arms: Steve Powell
Secretary: Sean Sweeney
Treasurer: Don Allen
Directors: Betty Bryer, Gina Farnsworth, Bill Weir, Steve Powell
Members at the start: 75
Members at the end:  74 (21)

I wanted to take a little time and reflect on this past Rotary year. I liken this past year of my Presidency to a great Thanksgiving. So, please close your eyes and imagine with me some favorite memories of Thanksgiving.

Preparing all Day
The Hustle and Bustle
Spending time with friends, relatives and neighbors
Loading up the Plate
The feeling of fullness
Always leaving a bit on the plate

Last year, around this time I was introducing to you all, my plan for the upcoming Rotary year. It represented several months of preparation. It required several of you to commit to helping in the cause and I am proud to say many, if not all participated in one form or the other. The foundation of my plan was to install an active committee system. A method for our club to become more efficient and utilize the resources at hand more effectively. Our committee system is in place and will continue to grow as our club grows. If nothing else, I feel satisfied that this is part of my legacy as president.

Because of everyone's involvement in Committees we have been able to accomplish the following:
  • Review, amend and adopt our Bylaws
  • Create two new successful FR events
  • Raise awareness of RI within the club
  • Raise the "Fun" we have
  • Begin our exchange program
  • Move ahead with the Interact Club
  • Streamline our review and response to financial aid requests
  • Create a direction for future growth
  • Strengthen our image and PR efforts
  • Involve more members within the Club
There is also some other things that have been accomplished this past year.
  • Raised more money through new efforts
  • Given out over $10,000 year to date
  • Raised the weekly attendance average
  • Added to the past and laid a path for the future
  • New involvement on the District level
As with all good Thanksgiving dinners, there are many hands that have made this possible. I'd like to thank all of you for your efforts.
I'd like to thank all the committee chairs, especially Betty (Bryer) and Gina (Farnsworth) for all their hard work. I'd also like to thank the Board of Directors for their help, support and advice.There is still more on this plate however. We have the BIG DESSERT coming up in a few weeks. The Seafood Festival is still the most important event for our Club and we will be successful again this year. We have a lot more preparation to do for this event, but the wheels are in motion. We will spend more time discussing it next week. There are a few more leftovers that unfortunately will be left on the plate either to be saved or thrown out. I leave these things for you to make that decision:
  • A new Breakfast Club
  • Membership growth (one new member, three others pending)

Thanks you all again for making this "Holiday" of a year possible. I only informally pass the plate to Joe to discuss his plans for next year. I will formally let him be the carver on the 11th of next month, and will then go sit on the couch and watch the game.

2001-2002 - President Joe Losquadro

Officers for the program year:
President: Joe Losquadro
President Elect: Steve Powell
Secretary: Sean Sweeney
Treasurer: Don Allen
Sargent at Arms: Ron Wrobel
Directors: Betty Bryer, Gina Farnsworth, Bill Weir, Steve Powell
Members at the start: 74
Members at the end:  73 (23)

My year as president of the Bar Harbor (MDI) Rotary club was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Beginning with the PETS conference in March 2001 and through the end of the program year in June 2002, I was regularly impressed by the vast well of resource that resides in the capacity for service that is within the fabric of our membership.

I was very fortunate to follow the presidency of Mike Gurtler, who laid a strong foundation and organization for stepping out and further into the world of Rotary International. I take great pride in the support of our membership that earned for our club, for the first time in the collective memory of those active members, the twin distinctions of being recognized as worthy of:
  • The District Governor's Citation - as one of the top 25 clubs in the district
  • The Rotary International President's Distinguished Club Citation - awarded to only 3,615 of 31,000 clubs worldwide
Some of the accomplishments that helped the club earn these awards include:
  • Processed 16 new members in the 2001-2002 program year; lost 7 members for a net gain of 9.
  • Sponsored and coordinated an effort in partnership with the Ellsworth Rotary club to provide assistance to an elementary school in Los Chillos, Ecuador -- our first International Project.
  • Chartered the Mt. Desert Island Interact club on March 27, 2002. There were 22 charter members of this new club.
  • Sponsored two youth exchanges -- outgoing student Kendra Treadwell from Dover , New Hampshire in District 7780 to Bouchemaine , France, and incoming student Gabriella (Gabi) Ribeiro, sponsored by District 4600 in Sao Palo , Brazil
  • Hosted an incoming GSE team from India for a three-day visit to Bar Harbor.
  • Designed and posted to the Internet a comprehensive club website (see www.mdirotary.org) and publicized this site in many of our newspaper ads.
  • Initiated a President's Newsletter, posted to the website each month to report the actions of the board of directors, happenings and upcoming events of the club and as a tool to inform and instruct members on information about Rotary.
  • Received significant media coverage of Rotary club events; took out a weekly ad in the local newspaper; featured regularly in the Club Notes section of the local newspaper.
  • Initiated a more formalized induction ceremony for new members
  • Replaced the old Rotary road sign (lost in the reconstruction of the major route into our community) with two new road signs; developed "tent" signs for display in local businesses that highlight our meeting places and times; and another that cites that a "Rotarian Works Here."
  • Initiated a "Golden Apple Award" to recognize excellence within the teachers on our Island. Connie Blaney of Connors-Emerson was the inaugural winner.
  • Established a practice of awarding a Paul Harris Fellowship to a non-Rotarian who exemplifies the highest traditions of Rotary. John Reeves was the first recipient of this honor.
  • Awarded Paul Harris Fellowships to four members of the club:
o    Past President Rob Jordan
o    Past President Bill Weir
o    Gina Farnsworth
o    Betty Bryer
Of the members we lost in 2001-2002, one was particularly sad with the death of 25-year Rotarian Dave Waldron. Whether as a pancake maker of very high regard, or just the fact that he was always late to our weekly meeting, Dave let you know that he was there - and that he cared! Dave's place was taken later in that program year by his daughter Linda Shelton, who was one of the 16 new members inducted in 2001-02.

My thanks go out to all Bar Harbor Rotarians who made a difference with their contribution of one of life's most valuable commodities -- time. Whether it was the time spent at the annual Seafood Festival, as a member of the board, as a host for our international student or GSE visitors, as a member of a committee or just as a regular attendee at our weekly meetings; the regular and active participation of our membership makes it happen.

2002-2003 - President Steve Powell

Officers for the program year:
President: Steve Powell
President Elect: Ron Wrobel
Secretary: Sean Sweeney
Treasurer: Dick Donohoe
Sargent at Arms: Mike Bonsey
Directors: Joe Losquadro, Rob Fry, Cathy McDonald, Toni Litvinchyk

Members at the start: 73
Members at the end:  69 (24)

2003-2004 - President Ron Wrobel

Officers for the program year:
President: Ron Wrobel
President Elect: Mike Bonsey
Sargent-at-Arms: Annette Higgins
Secretary: Sean Sweeney
Treasurer: Dick Donohoe
Directors: Steve Powell, Nancy Corliss, Barbara Hepburn, Rob Fry
Members at the start: 69
Members at the end:  68 (22)

The Club was awarded the District Governor's Award. The first Adventure Mini-Golf Tournament was held to benefit club member Bob Noonan and his battle with cancer. At the annual recognition dinner the Non-Rotarian Paul Harris Fellow award was presented to Robert Collier and the Paul Harris Fellow was awarded to Past Presidents Joe Losquadro and Steven Powell. All club members participated on committees, which met during club assemblies quarterly throughout the year.
It was my honor to be President of the club. I truly thank all of those individuals who helped make this a wonderful year. I am particularly proud of our club's support of the MDI High School Ecuadorian project. Through this effort our club provided funds to establish a sustainable farming project which will provide continuing benefits for years to come.

2004-2005 - President Mike Bonsey

Officers for the program year:
President - Mike Bonsey
President Elect - Annette Higgins
Secretary - Sean Sweeney
Treasurer - Dick Donohoe followed by James Kitler
Sergeant at Arms - Bill Weir
Directors - Ron Wrobel, Ellie Richardson, Nancy Corliss, Jim Kitler, Sean Sweeney, Benni McMullen and Barbara Hepburn
Members at the start: 68
Members at the end: 65 (22)

This was Rotary’s Centennial year.  Our District Governor was Elaine Toussaint, who agreed to accept the nomination on very short notice after the prior nominee experienced a medical event that precluded him serving as DG.  Every Rotary Club was challenged with developing a Centennial Project to celebrate the year.  Our club reviewed one proposal to develop a patriotic park at the head of the island to honor persons who have served the country and/or community.  Much work went into this idea, but after a club-wide discussion and vote, the membership declined to pursue it (largely for financial reasons).  We ultimately decided to build off our existing commitment to cancer prevention/treatment causes, and provided a chemotherapy treatment chair, laptops and CD players for patients receiving chemo treatment at MDI Hospital.  We also repainted the room, and (per Rotary’s Centennial Project instructions), memorialized our efforts with a plaque.
During the year we met at several different places, including Birch Bay, McKay’s and ultimately settled at the Rinehart Pavilion where we enjoyed first-class meals, table service and a beautiful view of the ocean.  During the year members made quilts to send to South America, we hosted an exchange student (Julia Saloman) and had two outgoing exchange students (Sydney Kase and Rebecca Campbell).  We welcomed four new members:  Scott Hammond, Susan Braley, Nancy Tibbetts and Tami Willis.  At the end of the year some members pursued the concept of changing to a breakfast meeting, a process that ultimately led (in the next Presidential year) to the alternative Thursday morning breakfast meeting.  Although the initial conversation carried with it some tensions, I’m proud that the club developed a solution that seemed to honor everyone’s positions and feedback on the matter.
We presented several awards for the year.  I gave Quiet Leadership Awards to Ellie Richardson and Rob Fry for their behind-the-scenes contributions to the club’s activities.  We presented Marlene Hurd with the year’s Golden Apple award, and Lori Fineman with the Non-Rotarian Paul Harris award, largely for her ongoing leadership to the Interact Club.  Both were pleased with their recognition and attended our year end dinner with their families to celebrate.  Ron Wrobel was granted a Paul Harris Fellowship for his service as President.  Two college-bound students were granted $1,000 scholarships (Enricca Mafucci and Mary Elizabeth Kelly).

2005-2006 - President Annette Higgins

Officers for the program year:
President - Annette Higgins
President Elect - Benni McMullen
Secretary - Nancy Corliss
Treasurer - Jim Kitler
Asst. Secretary - Nancy Tibbetts
Sergeant at Arms - Sean Sweeney
Directors - Becky Buyers-Basso, Barbara Hepburn, Terry O'Connell, and Mike Bonsey (past President).
Members at the start: 65
Members at the end:  68 (27)

I enjoyed my year at the helm of the club, although at times we seemed to hit a few swells that required a little seamanship to navigate.  

The year started out with a little controversy regarding starting a second club that would meet for breakfast. There were strong opinions on both sides of the issue that served as an indication of the dedication and commitment of our club members.

A committee under the leadership of chair, Mike Gurtler was formed to create a 3 to 5 year strategic plan for the club, which would incorporate the new club leadership structure that the district was adopting. One of the new committees formed from this process is the Club Marketing and Public Relations Committee, which will serve to promote our club's activities as well as Rotary in general. The creation of the Strategic Plan was an involved process that required the committee of Mike, Joe Losquadro, Dean Read, Sharon Broom, Mike Siklosi, Dan Berry, Benni McMullen and myself to coordinate feedback from focus groups of club members and set goals. The final product was voted on and approved in May 2006. Thanks to all who participated to ensure that our club continues to be one of the strongest in the district.
Throughout the year we awarded a Rotarian of the month honor to recognize the efforts of various club members contributions to our efforts. Here are the highlights:

July - Mike Bonsey, for donning the lobster suit for the 4th of July parade float. The annual Seafood Festival netted over $17,000.
August - Bill Weir, who was recognized by the American Red Cross for his ongoing work on behalf of the club with their blood drives.
September - Mike Gurtler, who organized the Thursday morning meetings as another opportunity for members to stay involved with the club. We welcomed back former members, Martha Abbott and Andy Kropff. We sent Ben Ketchem from BHBT to RYLA. The club also held a charter night celebration with the Ellsworth club and acknowledged the members of both clubs that were involved in 1968!
October - Ron Wrobel, for updating our club website.
November - Joe Losquadro, chair of the club's Rotary Foundation Committee who helped increase awareness and donations from our members.
December - Susan Braley, who submitted the paperwork for a District Simplified Grant for Adam Nordell's La Esmerelda Stove Project in Guatemala, which was approved. We also participated in The Run, Run, Rudolph Project started by the West Bay Camden club to help the youngest victims of Hurricane Katrina by sending 5600 stuffed animals to Pass Christian, Mississippi for Christmas. Our holiday auction and party was held at the Atlantic Oakes with the Ellsworth Club and we raised over $2000.00, our portion was dedicated to literary causes.
January - Barbara Fox, who produces the club's weekly bulletin.  We helped the Ellsworth Club with an ambulance project in Ecuador.
February - Barbara Hepburn for tracking members' hours of service as well as her involvement in creating the quilt we raffled along with Lily Sweeney, Barbara Fox, Benni McMullen and Kathy Stanley.
March - Lisa Horsch for stepping up to help with the Safe Passage Fundraiser, spearheaded by Nancy Corliss who committed $1,000 to the Guatemala project that helps to get children off the dumps and into school. We raised over $2,000. to donate!
April - Todd Hardy for his work on the Hancock County Technical Fair.He was assisted  by a committee from the breakfast group.
May - Nancy Corliss, who has kept the Annual Business of Reading Project going with the Emerson - Connors school.  Rotary District 7790 held their annual 3 - day conference here in Bar Harbor and about 200 Rotarians from Maine and Quebec attended, several members of our club stepped up to make it a great experience on MDI for them. Also, that weekend, several club members helped with the Tour de Cure.
June - An international meeting was held with clubs from Nova Scotia onboard THE CAT on June 8th, about 50 Rotarians from 6 clubs attended this unique opportunity! Our Annual Adventure Golf Tournament for Cancer Causes was scheduled but due to inclement weather we postponed the event to September. At the annual recognition dinner special awards were given. A Service above self  award was given to Nancy Tibbetts for her invaluable assistance to Nancy Corliss as our "back-up" secretary and her willingness to help wherever she can.  An "Involved New Member" award was given to Lisa Horsch. 

Rotarian Paul Harris Award this year is Mike Bonsey who wasn't able to be there so we will award this to him at a future meeting.

Perfect Attendance - Nancy Corliss, Mike Gurtler and Sean Sweeney.
Golden Apple Award Winner -  Fran Howley from Southwest Harbor.
Scholarship Recipients -  Brianne Records, Terrace Reed

The year also saw 13 New Members to the club, 2  were returning former members.
Bobbi-Jo Thornton Betty Bryer
Dan Berry Mike Gurtler
Matt Horton Ron Wrobel
Lisa Horsch Becky Buyers Basso
Martha Abbott Mike Gurtler
Andy Kropff Joe Losquadro
Debra Deal Dan Berry
Kathy Stanley Sean Sweeney
Tim O'Brien Scott Hammond
Mary Ann Starbird Barbara Hepburn
Jenn Bridgers Mike Bonsey
Rick Starbird Betty Bryer
Amy DeMerchant Gina Farnsworth

Other highlights of the year included receiving the District Governor's Citation and the RI Presidential Citation (I believe it is only the second time the club has received this award, the first was during Joe Losquadro's presidency), producing a supplement for the MDI Islander for the District conference and hosting exchange students

Becca Campbell, who went to Turkey and Advan Satriopandu from Indonesia.

I'm proud to say that we had a very active and involved membership during the 2005/2006 Rotary year!