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Bob Hammack Sep 22, 2017
"When Magpies Ruled the World" — The fabulous '50s in OKC
"When Magpies Ruled the World" — The fabulous '50s in OKC

Join us this Friday as welcome fellow Rotarian, former OKC Public Schools board member, and author Bob Hammack. He'll be sharing excerpts from his recent book, "When Magpies Ruled the World."

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My recent chortle out loud read is “When Magpies Ruled the World,” Bob Hammack’s grade-school history. Bob, a well-known presence in our city, has a healthy dose of self-disclosed ADD -- I, too, would be given that diagnosis. But Bob contends that is what makes us creative! Loving the precision use of words and zany stories, Bob weaves warm, hilarious, thought-provoking, lively escapades from his days as a “Madison Magpie.” While laughing through tears, at one time I was almost late for a luncheon because his witty and captivating writing compelled me to finish a chapter to see what happened. “Magpies” is the perfect venue for Bob's bizarre imagination which sometimes marries fact, and reflecting the innocence of the 1950s. Though gifted with an incredible vocabulary, Bob ratcheted it down to that of a grade-schooler -- words like swell and mild potty humor. If you are or had a brother, you get it! I didn’t want it to be over as it is totally delightful.

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