Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
Slipway, Pemba Room
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Tanzania, United Republic of
Clubs meets at Slipway, Pemba Room
Club Executives & Directors
Club Administration
Public Image Chair
Membership chair
Rotary Foundation
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Membership is a very Vital tool for growth of members in Rotary , hence for it to be effective we have to adhere to the below :Tanzania Club Statistics as at 1st July 2022 : 40 CLUBS & 619 MEMBERS
Structured Meeting
A Calendar in place of club activities
Timings is it suitable to majority
Active President & the Board
Meaningful & Impactful Service Projects
Giving to the Foundation
They should have the following Quality :
Integrity, Team Player, Problem Solver, Committed, Passionate about making the difference in the community
Rotary volunteersFamily & FriendsBusiness Contacts
Community Leaders Church / Temple / Mosque group Gym / running / sports groups
Neighbours, Work Colleagues, Former Rotaractors
Rotary is an organisation of like minded professionals who come together to serve the community around usThings we can’t do it alone is achieved when we all come togetherCamaraderie - which literally means mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time togetherThe more we meet the more closer bonding between members and their families; some have become lifelong friends and extended familiesSkills development - there are various trainings that take place, professional speakers are invited to clubs & district conferences which enhance our learning experiencePersonal developments - through your work at club level you also get opportunity at club and district levels Networking - not only does it create bonding it also provides an excellent Networking platform with Rotarians around the globe with over 1.2m members
It is very important to understand the members
Assign them to a committee and club duties
Celebrate Members Conduct a survey to find out Service Projects
ParticipationMentor and Buddy Groups
Business Group
Exit Interview
Liaise with the Admin director and have a six month meeting plan
Have the meeting well structured and follow that - we have a template and that is followed at each meeting
Have professional speakers who can add value to the members knowledge and avoid salesman
Bring the fun element into the meetings - members should look forward to attending
Have mentors and create buddy groups for Rotarians who look after and remind each other at club meetings and events
AVOID members responding on wider whatsapp group with their attendance / apology
Fellow Rotarians - Just think of the impact Rotary has had on your professional and personal life as a result of someone inviting you to a Rotary meetingCurrent members, it is the responsibility of every Rotarian to recruit new, quality and retain our existing members to ensure continued success in meeting the many needs of our local and international communities and to extend the spirit of Rotary throughout the community
A Beautiful Message from our Club's AG Aisha to our Club Members for New Leadership
Dear RC Dar es Salaam,
What an honor and a privilege to have been selected to be your Assistant Governor for the year 2022/23! I look forward to the year ahead, and am already imagining the amazing things that you will achieve. July 1st marks an opportunity for a change of leadership in Rotary, and for new energy. As we welcome President Nikki into her new role I wish her nothing but the best, and remind her that she can (and should) always count on my support. The start of the New Year also marks an opportunity for all members to renew their commitment to service, and to think critically about what role they wish to play within the club. Participating in the club is not just about which position you hold on the Board; I would say this is a minor addition to the key role that is expected of all of us. The greatest role is that which is played by each and every member, and the ways in which you choose to volunteer. As I like say: “If you call yourself a volunteer, do not wait to be asked to do things; step up and volunteer wherever you see a need. Always.” This applies not only to your service projects and your role within the greater community, but also within the club and how it is run. Step up and volunteer. Always. As the New Year begins, I encourage each of us to imagine what we want to be able to celebrate at the end of this year, and to imagine actionable steps towards achieving that. If you need inspiration, meet a fellow Rotarian from within or outside RC Dar es Salaam and come up with a new idea that can be added to the club(s). After all, we are one Rotary, and we need to do more together. As a club that continues to grow and to invite some awesome new members, I encourage you to imagine the RC Dar es Salaam that you want to build together, and to each take steps towards that. Remember, the Club President is there to guide and lead the club, but they will not always have the answer to every question. They need your ideas, your energy, your time, your commitment, your imagination, and your motivation. Think how you can be of support to her, and then do it. Each year brings the opportunity to do great things, and the twelve months will be over before you know it. Close your eyes and imagine the sands of time passing through an hour glass, and use that urgency of the fast-moving sand to fuel the energy you can bring to RC Dar es Salaam starting July 1st 2022. And in the process, please do not forget to have fun! Serving others is serious business, but it is made much easier when you inject laughter and amusement into it, and you do it with your friends. Have a wonderful year ahead imagining a better world for all, and working hard to make it a reality.
Rtn. Anver Rajpar's journey as Rotarian
It was during 1999 that late Rtn. Manilal Devani PP of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam introduced me to the said Club, and, after attending a few meeting as his guest, he sponsored me as a member of the Club. Before my induction as a member of Rotary Club, I was a member of Lions Club of Karachi, Pakistan so I knew the pros and cons of being a member of a Service Club.By becoming a member of Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam on 30th June, 1999, I had the privilege of knowing veterans like Late PP Abdul Haji, PP Bihari Tanna (who I knew before), PP Mustafa Khataw (whom I also knew before), Late PP Dinu Samaras, etc, etc. As time progressed, new members joined the Club, and, it was my privilege to come in contact with PDG Sharmila Bhatt, President Sati, President Elec Nikki, PP Milli Rughani, Anagha, Manisha, and many others, besides meeting some Rotaractors. I also came in contact with members of other Clubs in Dar es Salaam, especially Rotary Club of Bahari. It was also a fantastic experience to attend Inter City Meetings, District Conferences at Dar es Salaam and Arusha. It was also heartening to see our Member (Sharmila Bhatt) rise from ordinary member to President of the Club to District Governor It was of my honor to be elected President of the Club from 2000-01 and to elected as Hon Treasure in 2011 to 2019. During my Treasure ship, the Club’s Accounts were prepared in good time and audited Accounts were presented to Club Members within 2 months of the financial closing, a feat unmatched by any other Club. I have played my part in “Service Above Self” and it has been a very satisfying experience to serve “humanity”. Having retired from active membership in 2019, I had the honor to be elected as Honorary member of the Club. I thank members of the Club for this singular honor. My ill health does not allow me to take an active part in Club’s activities, but, whenever possible, I do take part in some of the Club’s activities.