How to Propose a Member

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Please note that these instructions are for Weymouth Rotarians to follow for proposing a new member.  Members are invited to join a local Rotary Club.  If you are not a Weymouth Rotarian, but are interested in becoming one, please contact our Secretary to arrange  attending one of our regular Monday night meetings.    
General Qualifications Rotarians are adults of good character and good business or profes­sional reputation, who hold or have held an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession.

Active Membership Active members must meet the above qualifications, as well as live or work within the club’s locality or surrounding area 

Honorary Membership People who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals may be elect­ed to honorary membership.

RI – Code of Policies:  5.010.
Honorary Membership Clubs should guard the election to honorary membership as exclusively a distinction for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and for permanent support of Rotary’s cause. Honorary membership is the highest distinction that a club may bestow and should be conferred only in exceptional cases, but may not be conferred upon an active member by the members of one’s own club. (November 2004 Mtg., Bd. Dec. 59)

Classification Each active member of a Rotary club is classified in accordance with the member’s business or profession. A classification describes the principal and recognized activity of the firm with which an active member is con­nected, or the member’s principal and recog­nized business or professional activity. The club shall not elect a person to active membership from a classification if the club already has five or more members from that classification, unless the club has more than 50 members, in which case, the club may elect a person to active membership in a classification so long as it will not result in the classification making up more than 10% of the club’s active membership. Retired members require a classification but are not included in a club’s total number for each classification.  

 ***NOTE — Holders of public office. Persons elected or appointed to public office for a speci­fied time are not eligible for active membership under the classification of such office, except persons elected or appointed to the judiciary or educational offices.


It is strongly recommended that as the Proposer you have the potential new member attend at least three of our Club meetings, as well as participate in one of our many hands-on event, such at the Eddie O'Rourke Christmas Trimmings. This is a great way for someone to get a real feel for what Weymouth Rotary does in the community, and, how much fun we have doing what we do.  Also, the potential member should be encouraged to tour to learn more about Rotary.            

Once it becomes clear that the prospective member is interested in membership:

 1.    You complete Part A of the Membership Proposal Form, and return the form to our Club Secretary for submission to Board of Directors.   Be sure to fill in as much information as possible.  Please pay close attention to the section that lists your reasons why you feel this person would make a good Rotarian.  List his/her activities that demonstrate Service Above Self. 

 2.    The application will be voted on at the next available Board of Director's meeting.  Our Board meetings are held on the last Monday of each month.  Be sure to give the form to the Secretary so that it may be submitted in time to be included on the Board's agenda Wait for the club secretary to notify you of the Board’s decision, which should come within 30 days of the submission. After the Board approves the candidate:  

 3.    The Secretary will advise the Classification Committee to approve or suggest an alternate to the suggested classification; 

 4.    The Secretary will also publish notice to the Club of the proposed member's name and classification; the Club Bylaws allow seven days for club members to consider and file objections with the Secretary, if any.  

 5.    After the seven day wait period, and so long as no objections were filed, the Secretary notifies the Fireside Chat Committee to schedule the fireside chat. This is an important informational meeting for the proposed member.  The Committee educates the proposed member on the history of Weymouth Rotary, as well as the obligations and expectations of being a Weymouth Rotarian.  After the Fireside Chat, if your proposed member wishes to become a Weymouth Rotarian, he/she will be asked to then complete and sign Part B of the proposal form; and the Fireside Chat Committee will advise the President and the Secretary of the decision.  

 6.    The President will schedule an induction date for the new member.  At the ceremony the new member will receive a Welcome packet which includes copies of the history of Weymouth Rotary, our Constitution, By-Laws, and Procedures Manual, along with other items of recognition as a new Rotarian.