Social Evening-'Pot Luck' dinner

From the feedback I have received, our social pot luck evening last Wednesday was greatly enjoyed by those in attendance.
Those at the Morell household had a lot of fun some good discussion and thoroughly enjoyed the splendid hospitality.  As one person wrote....
Just by way of feedback -  last night was fabulous. Small group of people in intimate setting enabled great fellowship. The “topics for conversation starters” were wonderful and evoked lots of stimulating, varied and informed conversation.
The Renowden household gave similar feedback with excellent food enjoyed some great ‘red wine sharing’ and a relaxed warm atmosphere. As a guest wrote:’
Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality last night.  We both enjoyed the night immensely.  The idea of the questions was really great.
I hope the washing up did not consume too much time today. Have a good weekend
Some of the questions produced most humorous responses and politics was generally kept to a low key...with the occasional digression at one household!!
Thanks to all for your generous supply of really tasty food and wine.
Our special thanks to Colleen and Steve and Maree for the  extra work you put in to make this night a fun night.