Minutes from November 3, 2021 board meeting
Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - Broulim’s Supermarket, Driggs, ID
Board Members (Attending - x): Jim Schulz (x), Jennifer Blair (x), Elsie Wach, Margie Peter, Cecily Costa
Call to Order (Jim)                                                                                     
            Meeting Call to order at 10:30 am
I.                Secretary’s Report:                                                                                Jennifer:                   5 min
A.     Meeting minutes – how to post on ClubRunner?
B.     Upcoming meetings – November/December/January
                                                               i.     If Steve can’t handle us go to Fall River board room
                                                              ii.     Lunch meetings every week – Three Peaks – Steve can accommodate?
                                                             iii.     Dues to include lunch again.  Need to cover Steve’s minimums
C.     New member packets – certificate, 4 way test, object of rotary
D.     New member intros – at meeting what week?
E.     Can’t find our badges briefcase – check with Pat?
F.      Banners & Podium for speakers at meetings
II.               Treasurer’s Report:                                                                                Elsie                           5 min
A.     Jim to coordinate w/Mandy R on financials format
B.     Jim to get signer status at US Bank
III.              Public Relations:                                                                                     ?                                  5 min
A.     Who will run this?
B.     Website / Facebook / Instagram updates / status
IV.             Foundation:                                                                                              Margie                       5 min
V.              Projects:                                                                                                    Cecily                        2 min        
A.     Interact – where does this fit?  Need liason / update status w/RI
B.     What’s up w/Pierre’s Playhouse project?
C.     Sue Heffron – Food Bank – group night for food drive?  Partner w/Interact?
VI.             Membership:                                                                          ?                                  5 min
A.     New member process – getting more members into 
                                                               i.     Susan & Chris Clark
                                                              ii.     David Stice  & Donna Wahoff-Stice
                                                             iii.     Sam Haack
                                                             iv.     Sean Brauner (?) was Rotarian in SV
                                                              v.     Chris Schulz – Jim will pay for her membership
B.     Potential new members
                                                               i.     Erin Bourbet
VII.            Calendar Items:                                                                                       Jim                             2 min
A.     Next BOD meeting – at Broulim’s again?  Yes, next month