The meeting on October 2 was a Friday 5th Wednesday event (carryover from September).  It featured a clam bake at Sunnybrook Preserve, put on by Larry Pitorak and company.  The food and comradery was outstanding!  Julie West, former District Governor, was the guest speaker.  She talked about The Rotary Foundation (TRF) including a brief history of TRF, how the TRF funds are used to do good in the world, ways to give to TRF, and TRF Centennial Events to be held in Cleveland in October 2016.
On October 7, Bob Studniarz, president of Birthright Geauga, and Luann Sowers spoke about Birthright Geauga.  The goal of the organization is to give hope and help to women who are experiencing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy.  They are the only crisis pregnancy center in Geauga County.  Birthright Geauga gets no federal funding and do not participate in politics or marches.  Their office on Chardon Square is open 4 days a week and is staffed by 2 part time workers.  All the rest are volunteers.  They handle about 200 active cases a year with expenses last year of $44,000.
The October 14 meeting started with Nancy Chartrand, Assistant District Governor, giving an “Outstanding Cluster Award” to Hugh Cassidy for his service to the Geauga Cluster during his term as president.  Then the speaker was Tim Lybarger who started the Innovation Center in Chesterland.  He spoke on another venture, his non-profit “Encore NEO”.  His new business is helping people over 50, who are looking for ways to enjoy their next 30 or 40 years, to seek a new career or volunteer for a worthwhile cause, and thus realizing their dreams and contributing to our local community.  An Encore NEO Expo is planned for Oct. 21 at West Geauga Plaza.  For more information, check out the website at 
The October 21 meeting started with introducing the student of the month Ms. Drew Heatwole, who was accompanied by her parents Stacy and Eric.  Among her many accomplishments, Drew is the vice president of Interact and captain of the tennis team.  Then the speaker was Cheryl Warren, District Governor during the 2015-2016 Rotary Year.  Cheryl is a member of the Rotary Club of Akron and has served as club president, board trustee and other positions.  Cheryl has served District 6630 as a member of the District Conference Committee; Website Committee and Public Relations Committee.  She has been a presenter at District Training Assemblies and other Rotary functions.  Cheryl inspired us to get more active in District events and participation.  The District Conference in 2016 will be April 22 and 23.  After the meeting, Cheryl met with ten board members to discuss our goals for this Rotary year.
At the October 28 meeting, Chelsea Talty was inducted into the club as our 35th member.  In recognition for her service to our club as the Interact advisor at West Geauga High School, we welcomed her as an honorary member of the club.  Jim Bohinc, with assistance from Peter Tuttle, conducted the induction ceremony.
Next the speakers were introduced.  First Tami Setlock, Director of Residential Services at the Metzenbaum Center, talked about the work that the center does and asked for support for their upcoming tax levy.  There have been many changes at the center over the years.  There is no longer a school on the grounds although preschool is run by an outside group.  The former students are being mainlined in local schools, paid for by state funds.  The Center’s buildings have been renovated to accommodate 25 residents and have space for programs for adults during the day.  They have children services such as early intervention for ages 0 to 3.  They have adult services such as community employment and work related activities and workshops.  They also do case management, where more than 400 individuals aged 16 and up receive services.  The levy is for 1 mil for 5 years and will cost a homeowner about $35 per $100,000 evaluation.  The second speaker was Tiffany Smetana, who with her husband own Solid Rock on Which We Stand, which provides residential care to people with disabilities.  She shared some stories of some families her organization has helped.  Her organization partners with Metzenbaum to provide services.