There were only 2 speakers in August at our Wednesday meetings. 
On August 5, Janice Chesnes, the Community Connections Coordinator for the Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, was the speaker.  She talked about the “Community Connections” program will integrate people with disabilities into their community on a social basis through a mentoring program, thereby allowing them to live more fully in their communities.   Some examples of mentoring opportunities are participation in sports/watching sports events, health/fitness and outdoor activities/day trips.  Janice mentioned one mentor volunteer who has a love for fishing .  If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor or in finding out more about the program, contact Janice at 440-729-9406, ext 1512, or at All that is required is a background check (no cost to you) and proof of insurance for driving purposes.
On August 26, Zachary Frymeir, the public information officer for PUCO, traveled all the way from Columbus to address the club about what PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) does to support homeowners.  PUCO regulates publicly owned gas, electric and water utilities as well as a few other activities.  You may have noticed how we have the opportunity of choosing our natural gas or electricity supplier.  The delivery of these utilities are the same for everyone in an area but there could be many suppliers.  The cost of the supply could be half of your bill.  , PUCO has designed a website that is very helpful for choosing a supplier.  Check out Their call center is 800-686-7826, M–F, 8 to  5. 
Bob Somrak told an interesting story about his father Bob Somrak Sr. who was on board the USS Missouri when the Japanese surrendered on September 5, 1945.  There is a great article on titled “An Eyewitness to Japan’s Surrender 70 Years Ago”.  Search for “Japan surrenders” to find the story.