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The Rotary Club of Chardon

P.O. Box 302, Chardon, OH 44024


Service Above Self

Mondays at noon. No meeting on Monday holidays.
Bass Lake Taverne--Second Floor
426 South Street
Chardon, OH  44024
United States
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The Rotary Club of Chardon made its largest donation ever when it presented a check for $40,730 to Next Step during the club’s weekly meeting at Bass Lake Tavern in Chardon.
Next Step provides community-based stable housing and individualized case management services and support, with set goals and objectives for young adults ages 18-24 in Geauga and Portage counties who have been victimized, to successfully transition to independence. Focus is placed on young adults aging out of foster care and/or finding themselves homeless.
The rotary club raised the money at its annual Harvest Auction in November.
“It is a ‘call to the heart,’ where we have attendees donate whatever dollar amount the see fit,” Royle said, adding Pollack attended the event with a young adult who was a beneficiary of Next Step’s services.
“It was really the young man’s speech that caused our guests to be so generous. His story was heartbreaking,” Royle said. “Enter Next Step and he has a new lease on life.”
Pollack told club members Monday she had never experienced anything like “call to the heart” in her life.
“It was an extraordinary event,” she said. “It was overwhelming. The generosity was just unbelievable and you can’t begin to imagine the impact that this is going to have on Next Step.”
The program has never received a donation as large at the rotary club’s, she added.
“It will do great thing,” said Pollack. “We are full; we are always full and we have people waiting to move in, especially this time of year. So, from the bottom of our hearts — it just doesn’t say enough, but thank you.”
In the past, Royle said the club has used its “call to the heart” to support the Chardon Living Memorial Park to the tune of $30,000 and Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti to purchase incubators, raising $25,000.
The Rotary Club of Chardon Display of Flags
Program Overview
The Rotary Club of Chardon brings you The Display of Flags! Foster community pride and show your patriotism - create a community of Red, White and Blue! Join others on your street to honor America on six special holidays throughout the year.
The Display of Flags is an effort to foster community pride and serves as a fundraiser for The Rotary Club of Chardon to support local and international education and health initiatives.
For only $50 per year, flags are placed and removed from your home or business for each of the following holidays - MEMORIAL DAY FLAG DAY INDEPENDENCE DAY LABOR DAY PATRIOTS DAY VETERAN'S DAY (November weather permitting).
A couple days prior to each holiday a 3x5 foot flag on a 10-foot pole will be placed in your lawn before the holiday weekend and retrieved after, depending on weather. Dry flags are retrieved and stored properly.
Lease a flag--or several! They make a great gift. Discounts for Homeowner's Associations, organizations and business.
For more information, download a Program Brochure here
FAQs about the Display of Flags
Question: Is the cost $50 per holiday?
No! The cost is $50 FOR THE YEAR per flag!! That is less than $9 per holiday. Buy two, or three! Gift one as a gift or donate to a Veteran!
Question: My neighbor on the next street has their flag, but, I don't have mine. What's going on?
Our volunteer teams are each assigned a separate delivery route and they work within their available times to deliver all the flags on their route within the date ranges listed in the delivery and pickup schedule. Your neighbor on the next street is likely in a different delivery route. However, you can always send us an email us At
Question: Is anything attached to my house?
No. A plastic PVC pipe is installed in the ground, even with ground level. When a flag is not being displayed, the PVC pipe is capped.
Question: Do I own the flag that is displayed on my property?
No. The Rotary Club of Chardon retains the ownership of the flags. The Display of Flags fundraiser is an annual subscription based service.
Question: How can I be sure that you won't damage any of the underground utilities on my property?
We always call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (O.U.P.S.) in order to have the underground utilities marked prior to installing the ground socket on your property. You will see utility flags just before we come drill the holes. Please let us pick them up.
Question: How do I renew my Display of Flags subscription the following year?
The Rotary Club of Chardon will automatically send you a renewal invoice for the upcoming display season in the spring unless you notify the club in writing that you wish to discontinue your subscription. Please try to use email and our website!
Question: Who do I make my check payable to?
Chardon Rotary Foundation. Please include the address which the subscription is paying for.
Question: Is my Display of Flags subscription amount tax deductible?
You will need to consult with your tax advisor.
Question: Can I pay by credit card?
Credit Card sales are not yet available.
Question: Do I have to use the website to sign up for Display of Flags?
You can download an order form from our website and then follow the instructions of where to mail your check and order form, or request an application by phone. If you wish to order a special subscription (Corporate, gift, large quantity, etc.), please contact us at or by phone at 440-638-1299.
Question: Who do I contact if I have a problem with my flag?
Please contact us at or by phone at 440-638-1299.
Question: Can I give a Display of Flags subscription as a gift?
Yes. You can give a subscription!
Question: Can I sponsor my whole street with a Display of Flags subscription?
Yes. You can sponsor a whole street!
Question: Can I volunteer to help with the Display of Flags program?
Yes. You can! Please call 440-487-7543 or send us an email at
Question: What is the service area for the Display of Flags service?
Our Display of Flags service is open to residents that live within the Chardon School District.
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