Meet Past President  (and current bulletin editor) Chad Puschel.Chad and Mandy Puschel with friend

Chad Puschel was born and raised in Union County, NJ before moving to Voorhees in 2008 to avoid the hectic lifestyle that goes along with living in northern NJ (or central NJ, depending on who you talk to). Chad currently works for a fruit distribution and marketing company in Glassboro, NJ where he is the Food Safety Manager for a cooperative of ten family run farms. Chad currently lives in Voorhees with his wife and rescue dog, Cheech. Chad throws on his sunglasses and goes under our Member Spotlight. 
Q: If your life had a highlight reel, what would be one of the top highlights? 
Chad: At the end of 2019, we lost both our dogs to old age and when the pandemic hit we were stuck in an empty home. My wife and I decided to begin fostering dogs from a local animal shelter. Our first foster dog was a 140 lb. Mastiff mix with an even bigger personality, who was having trouble finding a home. Two weeks into his stay at our house, we were featured on the front page of a local newspaper and he was adopted not too long after. In the end we fostered ten dogs, all different ages and breeds, all the dogs found great homes. We ended up 'foster failing' and adopting the final dog we fostered, an Australian Cattle Dog named Cheech. 
Q: You'll be stranded on a deserted island & can watch only 3 movies for the rest of your life... what are the 3 movies?
Chad: I'm going to break the rules here and list one TV series because of how much I love it but my list is: The Office, The Big Lebowski, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Chad: This advice came from a close friend when we were in our teenage years, and I think about it almost everyday. He told me "it's better to say 'so what' rather than 'what if'". 
Q: What is something that you can do better than most people?
Chad: I recently stepped down from a Division 1 coaching position at Rowan University, coaching the men's and women's rugby teams. I was head of the Player Developmental Program, teaching student athletes who were new to the sport, how to play rugby. Rugby is a VERY confusing sport for new players but it turns out that I am very good at breaking down and explaining complex ideas/movements into easily understandable terms. 
Q: What made you join Rotary?
Chad: My mom had always encouraged my sister and I to volunteer at different organizations, she often told us that if you want change you've got to act locally. I came across Rotary when I was soliciting organizations to run a fundraising program using locally grown fruit. I attended a meeting and was hooked, the rest is Rotary history.