Meet our member, Ben Kurtis, a lawyer. Ben Kurtis and family 2021
Benjamin Ross Kurtis was born in Nashua, New Hampshire and moved to Montgomery County, Maryland when he was 3 years old. Ben lived in Maryland until graduating high school and moved to Boston where he graduated from Boston University. After graduating from BU, Ben attended law school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Ben works as a litigator and lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with his wife, Faye, and daughter, Sarina. Ben puts on his best suit and tie as he goes under our Member Spotlight below. 
Q: If your life had a highlight reel, what would be one of the top highlights?
Ben: I recently came back from a Disney vacation and one of the top highlights of my life was seeing Sarina's face when she saw all her favorite Lion King animals. 
Q: If you had a full extra hour added to your day, how would you spend it?
Ben: If I had a full extra hour in my day I would try to squeeze in a run. I always enjoyed running, even completed a marathon in 2011, but sadly haven't ran much since.
Q: If you could only eat out at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which restaurant and why?
Ben: I would choose Zahav, in Philadelphia. Not only the best Israeli food but maybe the best food I've ever eaten, period.
Q: What is something that you can do better than most people?
Ben: I have retained a vast amount of useless sports facts at the expense of everything else that might be of importance. 
Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Ben: The best advice I've ever heard came from my dad and was very simple, he always told me "just do your best" so I've always tried to do that, and more. 
Q: What made you join Rotary?
Ben: I've always been involved with public service; at Boston University I volunteered with the mental illness helpline on campus and while at Case University I was the president of the school's Big Brother, Big Sister program. When I was looking for service organizations to join, the time of day which Voorhees Breakfast Rotary held their meetings worked perfectly for my schedule.