Meet John Conners, our newest member! 

John is an active member of the Voorhees community, holding the positions as Secretary for GVAA Baseball and a Board Member for Voorhees Basketball Association. While born in Philadelphia, John has lived in South Jersey most of his life and now resides in Voorhees. Professionally, he is a Financial Advisor for Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC/ Hoey Hecht Wealth Management. Here are insights he shared with us:

Q: If your life had a highlight reel, what would be one of the top highlights?

A: I know it sounds cliché but first and foremost marrying my best friend/high school sweetheart and having two boys. I always wanted a family and to be able to share that with your best friend is an amazing experience.

Q: If you had a full extra hour added to your day, how would you spend it?

A: Catch up on sleep! Haha no I think it would be at the gym playing basketball. It’s something I have always had a passion for and any chance I get that’s what I would be doing. With the current pandemic I have been unable to get back on the court but I am ready when we can.

Q: You'll be stranded on a deserted island & can watch only 3 movies for the rest of your life... What are the 3 movies?

A: The Godfather Series (Really any mob movie – Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed, etc. You can’t go wrong with any of those.). 

Step Brothers (I love silly humor and I have honestly watched this one way too much. My wife could not live on that island with me if I was able to watch this one.)

Ghostbuster (This one is more nostalgic than anything, brings me back to simpler times when I was young and all I really worried about was what time I had to go to bed.)

Q: What is something that you can do better than most people?

A: Wow! Tough question because my mother taught me my whole life never to gloat about yourself, “it’s not a good look”. But because you are asking I feel I have a great skill in organizing (work, personal life and anything I get involved in) and also making people feel welcomed in any setting.

Q: What made you join Rotary?

A: My Uncle always talked about going to Rotary meetings and he was very involved in the Moorestown club for many years. I believe he planted the seed in my head and I always had an urge to get involved with a charity to give me back. I knew I wanted to help/teach kids – I had already been involved with local athletic organizations since college then I came across the Breakfast Club of Voorhees one day. I sent a message through the website and started a conversation with Penny. After speaking with Penny I was sold – she mentioned all the work they did for local families and kids, I knew I was in the right place.