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The Scottsbluff/Gering Rotary Club was founded on March 23, 1920.  The first meeting was held at the Lincoln Hotel in Downtown Scottsbluff with Henry Kaufman of Lincoln standing in for District Governer Charles Strader, who was unable to attend.  Mr. Kaufman outlined the Clubs object and general working conditions.

20 Members elected a Board of Directors and Club Officers at the meeting.

The founding Members of the Scottsbluff/Gering Rotary Club were:

J. M. Carr, A. T. Crawford, F. F. Everett, O. M. Finley, Chester Fliesbach, T. L. Green,  H. P. Johnson, L. E. Lewis, E. E. Magee, L. B. Murphy, Floyd McCaffree, Edmund Simmons, L. Schwaner, C. G. Steen, R. P. Stoops, H. S. Starks, S. K. Warrick, G. L. Wilcox, C. N. Wright, F. A. Wright.

Officers elected were:

President- E. E. Magee

Vice President- Edmund Simmons

Secretary- H. S. Stark

Treasurer- T. L. Green & 

additional members to the Board- Chester Fliesbach, L. B. Murphy