4th of July, Independence Day Parade

 The Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club was, once again, a proud entry in the 2018 Fourth of July Parade in Arlington.
     We had approximately 30 people riding on the float, in the back of the pick-up towing the float, and inside the pick-up.
     Thanks go out to David Gomez for reviving the float program. As many know, our previous trailer had been stolen then involved in a wreck and then impounded. It was useless at that point.
     However, David Gomez stepped up to the plate and obtained a trailer we could use. Then came the build out and construction and decoration. Thanks go to Don Mims, Alan Walter, David Berg, David Gomez, Jack Thornton, Dwayne Lee, Bryan Acosta, Ruben Duarte, Andrew Walley, Chris McLucas and others to get the float appropriately decorated.