Red Badge Program
"Red Badge Program"

The purpose of the Red Badge program is to help new members get better acquainted with Sunrise Rotary and its members. The program gets its name from the Red ring around the outer edge of the Rotary Badge given to each new member. When all the program requirements are met, the Red Badge is replaced with a permanent badge with a Rotary Blue outer ring.

Each new member is assigned a mentor - an experienced Rotarian whose job is to help and support the new member in successfully completing the steps of the Red Badge program. Here are the requirements:

  • Maintain 100% attendance for three months.
  • Attend a New Member Orientation meeting
  • Attend a Board Meeting within three months.
  • Serve as a Greeter three times within the first month.
  • Give a Classification Talk to the Club.
  • Lead the Prayer & Pledge within three months.
  • Obtain an assignment on a Work Committee.
  • Have lunch with an Officer or Director within three months.
  • Visit two another Rotary Clubs within three months.
  • Work as an active participant on a Club Project.
  • Be a flag subscriber.
  • Participate in EREY for the Rotary Foundation
Each step must be attested to by the member and signed off by the Mentor. While there is no formal time limit for completion, the objective is to complete the program as soon as practical.