Did you know there are several ways in which you can have "Perfect Attendance", 
even when you miss one of our regularly scheduled meetings?

Sure, it's called a "MAKE UP".  Here are a few ways you can obtain a "MAKE UP" for a
missed Friday Sunrise Rotary meeting:
  1. Go to: and watch a video or read an article.
  2. Attend a Sunrise Rotary social event. (Christmas party and other Sunrise social gatherings)
  3. Work on a Sunrise Rotary project (flags,PhasedIn, Blood drive, Highland games, etc.)
  4. Attend a Sunrise Rotary Board meeting. (1st Tuesday, 7:00 a.m., David's BBQ)
  5. If you're in a travel status, get the Rotary Club Finder app for your smartphone and find a Club in/near the town you are visiting - even outside of the United States!
  6. Attend another local Rotary Club meeting. There are seven other Rotary Clubs in Arlington that you can attend for a make up.  Here's a list of them:
  • Arlington North Rotary, Monday at Noon, Texas Land & Cattle, N. Arlington
  • Arlington West Rotary, Tuesday at Noon, Shady Valley Golf Club
  • Arlington Highlands Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., Dave & Busters in the Highlands
  • Arlington Sunset Rotary, Tuesday at 6 p.m., J. Gilligan's on E. Abram
  • Arlington Rotary, Thursday at Noon, 1st United Methodist Church
  • Arlington Great Southwest Rotary, Thursday at 6 p.m., Humperdink's @ 6 Flags
  • Arlington South Rotary, Friday at Noon, Spring Creek BBQ, S. Cooper
  • For More District Locations Go To:

Here's the catch:

You literally have a whole month in order to work your

"MAKE UP" into  

your busy schedule - within 2 weeks prior to the meeting you

will miss and within 2 weeks after the meeting you miss.


So you see, there really is "No Valid Excuse"

for you not having "PERFECT ATTENDANCE".


Starting in July, we will be publishing the attendance results for our Sunrise Rotary Club. 

Let's show the District and the Rotary world that we are ROTARIANS, not just members of Rotary! 

Added August 18th, 2017