Youth Exchange Certification

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The Constitution of the Association of Rotary International District 9370 Youth Programs deals with, its Legal Status, Rights of Members, its Objects (participation in in Youth Exchange, in Interact and Earlyact.) Powers of Association, Classes of Members, Qualification for Membership, Appointment of Members, Election of Committee, Management of the Affairs of the Association, Termination of office of Committee Members, Meetings of the Committee, Annual General Meetings, Voting, Amendments to the Constitution, Misconduct of Members, Indemnity and Winding up of the Association.

The Constitution needs to be read in conjunction with District 9370 Abuse and Harassment Prevention Policy, District 9370 Youth Exchange Abuse and Harassment Reporting Guidelines, Counselling Procedure for Youth Exchange Students and the District 9370 Youth Volunteer Affidavit.

The District 9370 Youth Volunteer Affidavit needs to be completed by all Rotarians and volunteers who have direct contact with Youth Exchange students. This document needs to be returned to the Chairperson of  District 9370 Youth Services.

In terms of the agreement with Rotary International, District 9370 has to comply with the Rotary International Abuse and Harassment Prevention Policy – in order to participate in the Youth Exchange Programs.

Gussie Augustus

Chair – Youth Services D9370