Posted by Barry Downs on Nov 05, 2017

Attention D9370 AGs, Presidents and Secretaries.

Please note: Since we implemented ClubRunner in July 2013 it is essential that all changes to both club and membership data be made through ClubRunner - rather than through RI's My Rotary area. This includes the entry of new members as well as the termination of departing members.

Some club executives are STILL overlooking this vital point, resulting in discrepancies between RI's data and that of D9370.


In view of RI's new system for Semi-Annual Dues, it is ESSENTIAL that all clubs ensure that henceforth their membership data is brought up to date and then maintained promptly through ClubRunner.

All changes to club and membership data must be made promptly through ClubRunner – no longer through RI's My Rotary area. This includes, but is not limited to:-

  • the recording of new members. Please make sure all members’ information is checked and updated – telephone/cell numbers, addresses, email addresses, birthdays etc.
  • the termination of departing members (ClubRunner uses the term “Mark Ex”), and
  • the appointment of club executives and directors.

This procedure serves two purposes:-

  • It ensures that the clubs’, and therefore the district’s membership data are always up-to-date. This is essential for the purposes of district communications and district billing.
  • At the same time, it automatically updates RI’s database. This is essential to enable RI to keep track of members. It also ensures that RI’s Semi-Annual Reports issued to clubs are correct.

Some club executives have overlooked this procedure, resulting in discrepancies between RI's and D9370’s data. We have identified and corrected these discrepancies so far as we can, but each club should urgently check its current membership and executive appointments for the new Rotary year in ClubRunner.

One minor exception to the above procedure occurs when an Active member is made an Honorary member, or vice versa. Such changes must be recorded in RI as well as in ClubRunner. Again, this is necessary to ensure that the clubs’ District and RI billings are correct. However, this anomaly is expected to be rectified shortly - so make the change in Club Runner first, and then check to see if it still needs to be made in RI.

Clubs will shortly be invoiced for their RI and District dues. It is in each club’s own interest to ensure that their membership data is up to date. Thereafter, club data should be updated promptly whenever changes occur.

NB: Clubs still need to advise Rotary Africa of members’ subscriptions to the magazine. Likewise, any subscriptions to The Rotarian must still be notified to RI.

If you have any questions, please contact either D9370 Membership Chair Gavin Jepson ( or D9370 Web Chair Barry Downs (