Youth Exchange Program

District 7410 Contacts 

YEP District Chair- Anne Sehne

YEP Inbound Chair- Melissa Saxon

YEP Short Term Chair- Dawn Kenzakoski

YEP Outbound Chair- Chip Jaeger

YEP District Youth  Protection Officer- Rosemary Bohenek

District 7410 Rotary clubs should be in the process of identifying and interviewing Youth Exchange candidates for the 2021-2022 school year as well as 2022 short term summer exchange candidates.  Interviews for long term exchange are currently planned for November 20, 2021.  Applications should be submitted to the Anne Sehne, District 7410 Youth Exchange Chair by November 7th.  If you have questions, or would like a club visit from a member of the Youth Exchange Team, please contact Anne Sehne or Outbound Chair, Chip Jaeger at  More information is available at  


Application Due: November 7, 2021

District Interviews: November 20, 2021

Country  Assignment  Celebration-January/February 2022

Remaining Orientation Schedule will be shared upon acceptance to the Youth Exchange Program. 

Once accepted all orientations are mandatory.



Each year, about 7,000 high school aged young people will spend a year living with host families in a country other than their own through Rotary's Youth Exchange Program. These students serve as ambassador's of Rotary and of the country from which they come. Traditionally, District 7410 has exchanged fifteen to twenty or more students with dozens of Rotary districts in other countries.

The program is open to Rotarian and non-Rotarian families. In general, student candidates should be academically above average, have demonstrated leadership skills, and possesses qualities which will enable them to become good cultural ambassadors. Candidates for the program must by sponsored by a Rotary club within District 7410.

District 7410 joined the multi-district youth exchange program ESSEX (Eastern States Student Exchange Program) in January, 2010

Rotary Year District 7410 will accept application for the Short Term Exchange and New Generation Exchange. Visit the ESSEX home page for information on these two programs. 



Club Sponsor Fee-----$ 500.00  Paid with Student Application

                                       (Refundable if not accepted by District Interview committee)

                                       (Non-refundable if student withdraws application)


Student App. Fee------$175.00  Paid with application (Non-refundable)   

                                        Student Application:

                                                  1. Go to 

                                                  2. Complete all section: Student Rules, Travel Rules, Country Selection (choose 5 in order of preference).


Once endorsed(signed) by local club, send  THREE (3) original copies of the Application, ESSEX Outbound Student Rules, ESSEX Independent Travel Rules, and Country Selection List, (all required documents) to:        

Anne Sehne, Chair YEP

PO Box 611

    Dalton, PA  18414




Student Fee  $2000


Fees due:        October/November        $175 (with application)


                           December 15     $625


                           February 25        $600


                           April 1             $600


INCLUDES: App fee, all orientations, jacket and emblem, insurance, travel registration and name badge.
DOES NOTE INCLUDE: airfare, visa fees, passport, additional insurance or trips required for the host country
DISTRICT INTERVIEWS: November 20, 2021- place to be determined
JACKET CEREMONY: During District Conference