The RYLA conference will begin on  Sunday,  and end with a Graduation program put on by the students on Thursday.  It will be held at Keystone College in La Plume, PA.  RYLA 2020 will be June 28th thru July 2.


The RYLA conference is a program for high school students completing their sophomore year who have shown leadership potential in their home,  school, and community. The conference is designed to introduce participants to thoughts and ideas which, if utilized, will strengthen and develop their leadership skills.

It also provides an environment where participants may discuss and exchange their ideas with other students. The conference lasts five days and the cost per student is $350. The sponsoring Rotary Club will be responsible for paying the $350 conference fee.



1. Personal Assessment

8. Negotiating

2. Personal Goal Setting

9. Setting Priorities

3. Time Management

10. Delegating

4. Communicating and Listening

11. Interpersonal Relationships

5. Speaking in Public

12. Team Building

6. Leadership Skills

13. Brain Storming

  7. Problem Solving/decision making

14. The Responsibility of Leadership


Each student must complete the online application provided by the sponsoring Rotary Club (Invitation to Apply doc. ) by April 17th 2020.  The clubs will receive notification

from the RYLA Registrar, upon approval from each, the clubs will be responsible to submit payment made out to Rotary District 7410 and mailed

to 'RYLA Registrar  Karen DeMatteo 232 Eagles Ct. Stroudsburg, PA 18360' no later than April 17, 2020. The Registrar will review each application. It should be noted, the District 7410 RYLA committee has the right to reject any application that is not complete or they feel does not meet the qualifications listed in the application packet.

Please see the additional documents for more complete information.

Link to Application