Rotary District 5190 Grant Programs for Rotary Scholars
For more than half a century, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has operated one of the largest scholarship programs in the world.  Originally called the Ambassadorial Scholarship program, under the belief that scholars make the best ambassadors, The Rotary Foundation funded short-term and long-term scholarships for study around the world.  In the past several years, The Rotary Foundation embarked on a program to streamline its operations and focus all its programs on longer term, sustainable impacts.
The programs that are now available to scholars are– District Grant Scholars (undergraduate study) and Global Grant Scholars (graduate study).  The requirements and attributes for each are quite different.
In general, for 2017-18 District Grant Scholarships, the duration of the scholarship is shorter – no more than one year.  In our District, the study must take place at any accredited institution of higher learning within the United States.
Conversely, Global Grants Scholarships have a number of restrictions and requirements, including:
  1. The scholarship must be for graduate level study in a foreign country.
  2. The term of the scholarship may be no less than one and no more than four years.
  3. The scholar must submit a proposal and application, including a detailed budget of at least $33,000.
  4. The scholar’s area of study and professional goals must be in one of Rotary International’s six areas of focus:
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development
Global Grant Scholarships:  Rotary International has designed a Scholarship Candidate Application form which is available on the District 5190 Website ( The application is markedly different and it will need to be filled out by the sponsoring Rotary club online after approval by the District Scholarship Committee.
District Grant Scholarships:  District Scholar Grants will use an updated form available (see link).  Once completed, the candidate will submit it to their local club for sponsorship.  Funds can be used for tuition, books, supplies, and other educational needs.  Those scholar applications will be due to the District Scholarship Committee by April 15 each year for the school year beginning September each year.
QUESTIONS ABOUT APPLYING:  Contact:  Karen Grosz, District 5190 Scholar Chair at