Chandelier Ballroom
150 Jefferson Ave.
Hartford, WI  53027
United States of America

We are excited that a 94 year Army Air Corp veteran is going to be presenting at Hartford on March 21st.  He served in the Pacific theater and was directly involved with some fascinating operations that led to the end of WWII.  To be clear this is not another 'bombing' story, but a real life 'truth is stranger than fiction' event. 

Henry Ratenski is not only a great story teller and ballroom dancer, but he is one of a dwindling number of people that can offer a first hand account of these historical events. 

All of our meetings, including this event, are held at the historic Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford!  Of course all guests are welcome, but we ask that you respond by email to HRCMarch21Lunch@gmail.com if you are planning on eating no later than March 13, 2019.  The cost for lunch is $15. This gives us a head count for the caterers.