The international spirit of goodwill within District 7790 reflects the larger world-wide purposes of Rotary International and as an affirmation of that spirit, the District will also be known as the Amity District: amity or amitiƩ has the same meaning, friendship, in both French and English, the main languages of the District.

This Code of Policies of District 7790 should help to maintain, and improve existing clubs within the District, to develop new clubs, and in furthering those activities which can best be achieved by joining together their efforts at the District and International levels.

The Policies of the District do not replace but supplement, when possible and useful, those described in the Manual of Procedure of Rotary International and particularly in the by-law's of Rotary International. Every district officer and committee member has a special responsibility to become familiar with the by-laws of Rotary International which remain the District's fundamental rules.
Code of Policies (PDF file)