Posted by Larry Jones
Connecting One With Another
Each year the entire leadership of Rotary changes over, from top to bottom.  There are new club presidents, a new District Governor, and a new President for Rotary International.  Each year the new RI President selects a unifying theme, one which provides inspiration and focus for the entire organization, from bottom to top.  This year our theme is Rotary Connects the World. 
In the expansive world of Rotary, there are many opportunities to connect with people and help improve their lives.  We focus throughout the year on health, literacy, water and sanitation, and almost every other aspect of the human condition.  For October, our focus is on a topic that can improve the effectiveness of our efforts in all other areas.  This month, we focus on Community and Economic Development.  Strong communities, and strong economic systems, allow for the alleviation of poverty and the progress of human civilization.
We are very fortunate in the United States.  Our communities are advanced, and rather than focus all of our efforts on meeting basic needs we instead are able to fine tune our institutions to respond to changing times.  Even so, there still remain many who struggle with basic needs.  This is why we support food pantries and social service agencies, along with educational  and health initiatives right here in the Capital Region. 
As the District Governor I encourage all Rotarians in the region to consider what needs in their community can be addressed by their club.  We see the intersection of all our efforts when we look through the eyes of the people we serve.   Rotary clubs and their members can be the connective tissue in each community, and in this way we are bound together and able to Connect the World.
District Governor Larry Jones