Are you interested in becoming an Assistant Governor?


  • Passion for Rotary
  • Past-President desirable but NOT a deal breaker
Primary role:
  • Serve as a liaison between the clubs in your Area and the District with the goal of becoming their best friend! 
Major responsibilities:
  • Take courses for AGs in the Learning Center 
  • Attend monthly AG meetings hosted by the AG coordinator (currently 7:30 am on the 3rd Saturdays)
  • Visit your clubs regularly: Host regular meetings (virtual or in-person) with the presidents and PEs to share information, identify needs or concerns and facilitate discussion/collaboration among clubs. 
  • Forward information from district leadership to your clubs as appropriate.
  • Make certain your clubs have entered their goals through Rotary Club Central (provide technical assistance if necessary)
  • Offer to provide additional resources from the District (e.g. club visioning session, speaker on membership, Polio Plus, TRF giving or other area) to help clubs achieve their goals  
  • Alert the AG coordinator and the governor if a club is consistently non-responsive or experiencing serious difficulties.  
  • Help club leaders prepare for the governor’s official visit, attend the meeting and offer to introduce her/him.
  • Participate in the presidents-elect training seminar (NCPETS) and other PE training of possible
  • Have fun!!
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