"Celebrating our Foundation!"
Zones 28 & 32 Gala Fundraiser
How to Participate
Edited 2021-03-14
Each District should appoint a liaison to connect with the the Gala steering committee and help promote the Gala.  Send contact names to:
In addition Districts are encouraged to create their own local committee to plan a Foundation recognition event or social either before or after the "Main" show (see the Program & District Event pages).  A ticket to the event will be $110 USD plus applicable fees, which includes a fully credited donation to the Rotary Foundation of $100 USD, which will help Rotarians, their clubs AND their districts all reach donation goals.  Detailed information is at our ticketing site using the link below:
During this show we would like to feature in the program a few AMAZING stories of Rotarians doing service in projects supported in part by TRF.  If you have a great story, please send us your submission:
  • Tell your story in a video - ideally 2-3 minutes (nothing over 5 minutes will be considered)
  • Send your videos (see below) to: Peter Schultz, TRF-Event Coordinator - Peter.Rotary5060@gmail.com
  • A committee will select the videos that will be part of the program
  • HARD Deadline: 30 April 2021 (but PLEASE submit earlier if possible, be kind to our distinguished jury-panel!)
  • ALL videos will be available on a Vimeo-Pro channel for you and your clubs to use in your meetings to promote great TRF projects!  For a complete listing of videos submitted and available for viewing go to: TRF-2021 Videos 
How to Send Large Video Files:
Even a 2-minute video can be several hundred MB in size, which is much too large to send by email.  Below are a few methods you can use to send your file, and we will upload them onto vimeo where they can easily be viewed and/or downloaded from anywhere.
(a) Cloud Based - Using cloud services like DropBox or Google Drive is probably one of the easiest ways to send a file.
(b) Transfer Services - There are various 3rd party services that you can access to send large files without cost.  You can find these easily in Google but a few that you may want to check out are:
  • wesendit.com - Swiss transfer program, safe and no registration required up to 2 GB.
  • wetransfer.com - Similar to wesendit, simple to use up to 2 GB.
  • transfernow.net - For up to 20 GB files.