"Celebrating our Foundation!"
Zones 28 & 32 Gala Fundraiser
District Event Models
Edited 2021-03-31
Celebrate the Foundation with your own District Rotarians!
Each District is encouraged to organize their own event to occur either before or after the Gala Event, depending on your time Zone.  
Have a social that ends at 7:00pm (ET) when we all go to the Red Carpet & Gala, or have a Tailgate After-Party. You can keep it simple, or you can host a District recognition of achievements with TRF activities & donations for the year.  Here are some considerations for your event...
  • Have a District TRF Dinner!
    • Organize local restaurants in the various areas of your districts who can deliver dinner for 1 or 2 to your Rotarian members homes.
    • Work with your local Chamber of Commerce to set up the lists.
    • Contact your local media about "Rotary supporting local business while celebrating Good Work in the World!"
  • Create a Theme!
    • Have your local team come up with something fun to inspire participants.
  • District Awards
    • Recognize all new significant donors.
    • Maybe a new District award for distinction during a pandemic year.
Support Meetings:
(1) District Representative Planning Sessions
Periodically coordinator Peter Schultz will call a meeting of all District representatives to discuss ideas for promotion of both the main Gala and our District events.  If you want to be on the mailing list for these meetings please contact:
(2) Stay @ Home Fundraising
Drew Vincent is the founder of the company that is putting this event together for us, and he has kindly offered to make himself available to ANY district representative that wants to join his weekly tutorial series to help you plan your district pre- or post-event.  His WEEKLY meeting is Wednesday from 11:00-12:00 PDT, and his first two meetings were recorded and he has information available for those who register to participate.  Each week he will share the Zoom link for these meetings:
(3) General Q&A
The primary event coordinator, Peter Schultz from D5060 will be on an open Zoom call for Q&A every Friday from 4:00-5:00pm PDT:
Meeting ID: 889 0272 0460  /  Passcode: 149819