Innovative Club Advocate webinars

Your Zone 28 & 32 Innovative Club Advocates are here to help our districts and clubs develop new and innovative Rotary clubs.  Through a series of webinars, find out how you can start new clubs by attracting new Rotarians!  More information is also available on this site under the "Resources" tab on the home page.
What does a Passport Club look like?
Presentation March 16, 2021, 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT
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Q: What does a Passport Club look like? A: Whatever works for your members!  Join the ICA team for a 30 minute session on how to start a Passport Rotary club and lots of options for successful models.  PLUS join us for a 30 minute follow-up session on how existing clubs can explore flexibility, innovation (and help on managing that change).
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Elevate Rotaract: Okay, But How?
Presentation February 16, 2021 (Presentation video  21:16 / Q&A Video  25:14)
A follow-up to January's Director Dialogue discussing the concept of Elevate Rotaract, the Innovative Club Advocates discuss the practical considerations of engaging Rotaract into our clubs and districts.  ***TWO Videos available, one for the presentation only (red icon) and one for the Q&A session (blue).

How to Start an Eco Club
Presentation Tuesday 19 January 2021 (Video 21:24)
   - Introduction by Director Valarie Wafer
   - 10-minute outline on WHY & HOW with 8 simple steps
   - Full set of useful tools described