Posted by Sonja Glass, DGN, District 6330

In response to the “Meet your new BFF’s” ZOOM presentation request for successful Public Image ideas, here is the “Meaford Rotary Rocks” initiative.  The project lasted for 6 weeks. 

We had three “Rotary” rocks which we moved each week to three new locations around town.  We highlighted our parks, trails and areas of interest.  Each week, we received 60-90 photographs. 
While we received some from adults, the majority of our participants were families.  All were posted on our Facebook page (permission received) and our Facebook presence soared!  We raised our “Likes” by over 200% during this time period. 
We received so many emails from people telling us that this was the highlight of their week.  It gave the kids who were learning at home, something to look forward to. 
“Mommy” one child said, “Let’s go looking for the blue rocks”.  Our local businesses were happy to support us by accepting our winning coupons and they were reimbursed by the Rotary club (some chose to donate this to us).