Posted by Hans Granholm on Jun 22, 2020
By now your district should have made your choice of governor for the Rotary year 2022-23. So, we congratulate the DG class of 2022-23.
If your district is a ClubRunner subscriber, notification of your selection is very easy and will serve two purposes:
  1. Your district executive for 2022-23 will be updated.
  2. Simultaneously, the ClubRunner zone directory will be updated
Ask you district administrator or web administrator to post the update on the district web site  by following these simple steps:
After login and on the district admin page, in the menu bar click on [Organization]
In the sub-menu bar click on District Organization Chart
Click on Next Year till you reach 2022-23
On the 'District Governor' line click Edit
First you select the club the DGND belongs to and then select the member
Finally, click Save
And you're done
The administrator might as well double check and see that the DGs for 2019-20 and 2020-21 are properly listed as well.
Your district and zone directory is now updated.
If every district cooperated this way it would also make life easier for BJ Metz who work tirelessly at updating and publishing the printed version of the Zone Directory.
For the three districts not subscribing to ClubRunner, please send the names of your incoming DGs directly to BJ and copy me, Hans Granholm,
For technical assistance, contact Hans Granholm anytime. 780-918-1079 or