Rotary Coordinators
help you strengthen your clubs and membership
and work with you and your leadership team to:
Engage, Retain & Attract Members
  • Create a district engagement and retention strategy that really works
  • Utilize innovative strategies to vitalize membership
  • (satellite clubs, associate/corporate/family memberships)
  • Support new & non-traditional clubs
  • Use Rotary Club Central 
  • Develop a multi-year membership strategy
  • Provide engagement and retention workshops
  • Share ready-to-implement membership tools for your clubs
Create Strong & Dynamic Clubs
  • Develop strategies to turn around at-risk clubs
  • Utilize “One Rotary” techniques to increase impact of Rotarian action
  • Conduct club vibrancy assessments
  • Develop succession and continuity plans
  • Guide the club transition from paper to Rotary Club Central
Increase the Impact of Humanitarian Service
  • Develop signature projects
  • Expand community service partnerships
  • Increase number of clubs achieving the Presidential Citation
  • Develop a district-wide Rotary Day that produces results
  • Utilize Rotary Showcase and Idea Platform for stronger service projects
Conduct Workshops, Training & Webinars
  • Provide/Support training for district and club leaders
  • Conduct workshops on topics including engagement and retention, creative leadership, One Rotary, Rotary Club Central and revitalizing struggling clubs
  • Provide support for Pre-PETS, PETS, Assembly and other district events
  • Conduct webinars that support achievement of district/club goals
If you would like assistance in building more dynamic clubs that attract and retain members and meet the changing need of the local and world community, contact a member of the Rotary Coordinator team.