Asst Governor Wayne Beaumier was recently elected to the Disaster Aid USA Board of Directors.  Disaster Aid USA was established to provide disaster aid and relief worldwide in accordance with Rotary Guiding Principles of honest and ethical behavior and the 4-Way Test.  They have started with an innovative and effectively designed disaster aid package that provides those in need with a new start in family units within their communities.  CLEAN WATER + SHELTER  = SURVIVAL

    Wayne has worked for Standard Safety Equipment Company, a manufacture of reusable chemical clothing for over 25-years.  As Vice President of Sales, he is responsible for sales, marketing, and distribution worldwide.  His main focus is on the refineries and chemical plants that use HF acid.

    Wayne also serves the Boy Scouts of America as a Scout Master for SHAC area, Troop #939. His oldest son is an Eagle Scout and the other two are well on their way. In addition, he serves his local Little League program as a Staff Umpire for Texas District #16. 

     Wayne is an active volunteer for Disaster Aid USA, where he has trained as a DART and also serves the Houston, Texas area as a DA USA Ambassador. Wayne and his wife, Michelle, have been married for over five years and have four children.

    Wayne feels that now that the kids are getting older it will be easier to spend time oversees helping with Disaster Aid USA.  Being a Rotarian and knowing that the efforts and money are well spent by fellow Rotarians makes this a great Rotary project to get behind. 

Click on Disaster Aid USA, to learn more about their efforts.