The annual Christmas Party will be held at the Bay Oaks Country Club on December 18 beginning with the social hour at 6:00, food at 7:00.  Tickets are $32 each and can be paid with cash, check, or credit card at the party.  Back by popular demand, we will have a Gift Grab. Each couple should bring a gift to exchange not to exceed $12.00.  Please let Roger Donnelly, know by December 11th, if you plan on attending and your choice of menu: steak, fish or vegetarian.


Rules of the Gift Grab:
This is a fun way to exchange gifts.  Each couple or single attendee should bring a gift no to exceed $12.00 in value.  You should wrap the gift and place it on the gift table once you arrive at the party.  Each couple/single will draw a number for the order to select a gift.  The first person must take a gift from the table.  All others can either take from the table or GRAB a gift from someone who has already selected a gift.  That person can then go back to the table or also GRAB from someone else and so on.  A gift may only be GRABBED 3 times before it is out of the game and remains with that person.  This has been a fun tradition for several years at this party and I hope you will all participate.