The District held it's first Social Media Workshop on Saturday, Oct 22, at San Jacinto College - South, to a packed house.  There were outstanding speakers, very knowledgeable presenters and great group of attendees. A very supportive group of Rotaractors and Interactors participated also.  Click on the following link to view PICTURE ALBUM of the event.


Special thanks to organizers Ann Wright, Niki Whiteside and Jon McKinnie.  Outstanding speakers included Michael Pettiette, John Mitchell, Reginald Adams, Niki Whiteside, Sasha Costa, Tom English, Miguel Ottaviano, Monte French, Nathalie Cras, Corbett Parker and Linda Boggess.

With the success of this event, WE PROMISE TO DO IT AGAIN. 

Be sure you register early, soon after the event is announced.