Now that the new Rotary year is right around the corner, the new Presidents-Elect should mark their calendars for the 2012 PETS.  There is no better preparation than attending PETS which is scheduled for March 22-25 at Hyatt Regency DFW.  In fact, attendance at PETS is now required by RI for all president-elects in order to serve as president of your Rotary club.  (PETS REGISTRATION & HYATT ON-LINE REGISTRATION ARE NOW ACTIVATED)
This year 2012 District 5890 will be conducting a pilot program at PETS and will conduct a portion of the President-Elect Training as a District for the entire day on Friday.  During this training session with the DGE, Staff and the AGs, the Club President-Elects will be provided the tools to do an effective job to lead their club in the year ahead.  Thus the PEs are encouraged to bring (preferably completed) their Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs, Membership Goal Forms and Foundation Goal Forms. 
You are encouraged to arrive on Thursday evening and remain thru Sunday morning.  The Saturday portion of the training will be the integration of all the like sized clubs within the 10 participating Districts of Lone Star PETS.  Sunday morning will be a special session for the Rotary Foundation and Future Visions.

Visit Lone Star PETS for additional information.  The purpose of the Presidents-Elect training seminar (PETS) is to develop club presidents who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to lead an effective club. In addition to PETS, club Presidents-Elect receive additional training at the District Assembly.

Presidents-Elect are encouraged to read the Club President's Manual and Club Leadership Plan before hand so that they will arrive at PETS prepared to discuss their duties and goals for the coming year. PETS Discussion Questions have been provided so that presidents-elect will be able to reflect on their responses before training.

Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs
needs to be reviewed prior to PETS as this document will be part of the training and discussions.  Each Club President will be expected to complete this document and submit to the District Governor prior to taking office.

Attendance at PETS is now required by Rotary International for all Presidents-Elect in order to serve as president of your Rotary club.  If you can not attend Mid-America PETS, then you can attend another PETS with your District Governor-Elect's permission.  For a list of other multi-districts PETS, click here
Please conduct the following activities:

   1. Mark your calendar for March 22-25
   2. Register for PETS On-Line
   3. Contact Hyatt Regency DFW to make reservations.

If there are any questions, contact
Chris Schneider, DG 2012-2013 
Jon McKinnie, Chief of Staff