The District 5890 District Governor Nominating Committee is seeking potential candidates for our District Governor for the year 2015-16, to succeed Lisa Faith Massey.  The completed application must be received by January 4, 2012, by the Nominating Committee Chair, Bill Haglund. The application should be mailed to Bill Haglund, 9321 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024.

The qualifications are listed in the Manual of Procedure, but briefly, they are: 1) Membership in a Rotary Club in District 5890, other than honorary, in good standing; 2) Must have served as President of a Rotary Club, not necessarily of the nominating Club; 3) Have been a member of one or more Rotary Clubs for seven years prior to taking office as District Governor; and 4) Willingness to serve.  

The club’s candidate must be endorsed “at a regular meeting of the Club…by a majority of its members present,” and this endorsement must be certified by the Club Secretary.

It is the hope of the Nominating Committee that we will have several outstanding candidates to choose from for 2015-16. It is up to each Rotarian in District 5890 to make it happen. Please consider all qualified candidates in your club, encourage them to apply, and nominate them from your Club. The applications, and applicable requirements, are available on the district web site.