We are pleased to report that Incoming Rotary Scholar Manu Sharma has arrived in Houston. A group of Rotarians and Rotaractors came to the air port to welcome Manu on his first trip to Houston and America.

Manu will visit the Rotary Club of Hermann Park on Tuesday, August 14th and will also be attending an Astros Baseball game over the weekend. Manu will also be attending the Houston Club anniversary dinner, the Foundation Seminar, and the All Club meeting. Also in the planning is a welcome/send off party for all of our Rotary Scholars. We know you will extend a warm D5890 Rotary welcome to Manu if you are in attendance at any  of these events.

Rotarians welcoming Manu were Bill Baremore, Art and Olga Bautista and their daughter, Philip Cras, and Carmen Cuneo. Rotaractors were Nathalie Cras, Evelyn Cras, Mark Solano, Brian and Mike.