At the 2011 PETS in Dallas, the spouses of the District Governors expressed an interest in creating a Global Grant.  After some research and reviewing a number of issues, District 5870 (Austin, Round Rock and environs) came up with a simple "malaria prevention project - bed nets".  Please consider this very worthwhile International project (we all need an International project checked off our "To Do List") Click on this story heading to learn more.


Brigitte Pahwa, the spouse of the DG in D- 5870, has been in contact with REMaREG (Rotarians Eliminating Malaria) and has found a site within Togo, one of the worst infected places on earth.

Each year, more than 350 million cases of Malaria occur in at least 109 countries. An estimated 90 percent of deaths caused by the disease occur south of the Sahara. It is estimated that about 3 million people die from Malaria every year. In Africa a child dies of Malaria every 30 seconds.

Togo is in Rotary District 9100, a pilot district, but D- 5870 is not a pilot district. Hence the proposal is that our D-5890 would serve as the International Partner on a Global Grant and D-5870 would raise funds and contribute those funds to "our" Global Grant. A contact has been established with Rotarians in Togo. It is the intention of D-5870 that Rotarians in Texas would go to Togo to help distribute the nets similar to the National Immunization Day trip for polio.

Bill Davis, our Grants Advisor, has held several discussions with DG Suresh Pahwa of D-5870. The Plan being implemented by Suresh's district is that each of the clubs in his district would ask their members to contribute an amount equal to the cost of one bed net ($10 U.S.) In so doing he hopes to raise $30,000 which when contributed to our Global Grant application would attract a $15,000 match from The Rotary Foundation.

The purpose of this message is two-fold;

1. Survey our own clubs to determine their willingness to join this project. It would be a decision for the individual clubs to decide if their contribution should come from "club funds" or ask the individual members to donate $10. One club has suggested that  if the individual members contribute then the club could match that contribution up to a maximum of $10 per member.

2. Identify a club within our District that would be prepared to step up and serve as the International Partner on the Global Grant application. Please advise Bill Davis of your interest.

Our District would match $ for $ the funds raised by our clubs up to a maximum of $10,000. TRF would then match 50% of the funds raised by the clubs and 100% of the District contribution.

In summary, if D-5870 raises $30,000 and our clubs $28,000 and with matches from our District and TRF we have a project of $107,000 for 10,700 bed nets.

Please see the attached brochure on Malaria.

If you wish to participate, please advise Bill Davis 281 543-4521 by August 8.