In 2004 I was chair of the International Committee of the RC of Houston. I was lucky that at one meeting of the District Int'l Committee, was only one empty chair next to a lady, that it happened to be our  DG !, Ms D'Lisa Simmons.We became friends. At another meeting she mentioned that she was going to visit the Brenham Club. As I have a place only 10 miles West of there, I offered to drive her to Brenham ,but with the condition to let me show her our weekend place in Burton. This was about 4 hours of round trip driving, with great conversations. I’ve  learned in that short time, more about Rotary that you can never dream!

Last December our PP Michelle Bohreer asked me to drive her during our Lombardi events so I could get more familiar with the goings of this great program .We agreed that I was driving "Miss Daisy"!  The experience was very similar to the one with PDG D'Lisa.

Next one was with our DG Sunny Sharma, early this year, as we agreed to go to Dallas, to participate in their Centennial meetings.
We agreed to split the driving time, which we did.

Coming back that evening, First Lady  Rashmi, made a comment: I learned more about Rotary in this trip that practically ever before ! The feeling was mutual from my part.
And the last one (so far!) was driving DG Rhonda to Brenham, just a couple of weeks ago,  with the same request: Let me  drive you another 10 miles to Burton!, which was graciously accepted. Another 3.5 hours, of animated chat, learning to know each other with this amazing professional young woman, which is doing honors to all past Governors!

Another driving that I am enjoying for the last 4 years, is driving PDG Charlie Thorp. We are both in the Board of the Second Wind Foundation (Rotary Books for the World). As we meet in Seabrook and PDG CT leaves near my home, I offered to drive, but with him being my navigator. It works perfect and the enjoyment is enormous.

All these ladies and gentlemen are fascinating conversationalists !
But, what is the point of all this:

1) The personal knowledge that I acquired being their "chauffer" has no price.
2) Knowing, as I have the pleasure to work with every DG since 2004, of all the driving that they put to visit all the Clubs in the District, not only one time, but several, made me wake up one night, and asked myself: Does everybody realizes the thousand of miles that these great Rotarians put every year ?:  30 , 40,000 miles ? Usually this means "burning " your car.   Getting reimbursed for all those miles ? barely, and I know not sufficient at all.

So, why do not start a "Driving Miss Daisy" effort. If you are an AG, you could very well offer to pick up the DG, take her/him to the Club and bringing them back.
What does this mean for you: 3 or 4 trips in one year? , instead of almost 100 for them ?
If you are not an AG, but know that the DG will visit your club , you can offer graciously to do the same.
I will be happy to donate a NEW PIN (We love pins, right?) with a DMD motive, and on top I will give my chauffer cap to the first taker!
What do you say?

Angie Jimenez
Centennial President 2012/2013
Rotary Club of Houston