The District Grants Committee will hold a special meeting at Oxford Condominium Building on Saturday, September 7, 2013, to hear presentations from Clubs that have submitted District Matching Grant Requests for the Rotary Year 2013-14. Please forward this to the member listed as Primary Contact on your Grant Application. Attendance at this Conference is required for the Application to be considered. Any member of the Club familiar with the project may attend and make the presentation for their Club.


Attached is an Agenda for the meeting listing the time that each Club is scheduled to present their project. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before the hour in which your Club is scheduled to make their presentation. Your presentation should be 5-7 minutes long highlighting the project, the Club's financial contribution, amount of District funds requested, the total cost, number of Rotarians expected to participate and overall benefit to the community.

Please be prepared to review your Club's giving history to The Rotary Foundation, Polio and EREY. We will also discuss your Club's MOU qualification (if not qualified please discuss how your Club will become qualified before 9/20/2013), Grant Reporting Requirements and history as well as your Club's interest in Global Grants and Scholarships.

Approval of District Grant Applications will be emailed to Club Presidents within 2 weeks of this meeting. Remember that your project can not begin before the District has received approval of the Grant Requests from The Rotary Foundation. That usually takes approximately a month. We are shooting for 10/1/2013. We will also communicate the "ok" to begin the approved Grant Projects as soon as we get the nod from TRF. 

Also attached are Directions to Oxford Condos. Dress is casual. 

Please feel free to contact me at 713.579.9799 or email me at if you have any questions, otherwise we'll see you there! 

Martin Bailey, 

Grants Sub-Committee Chair 2013-14
District 5890