ABC Channel 13's Sanya Azad recently presented a feature story on PDG Charlie Clemmons and "Rotary Books for the World".  Imagine trying to teach without text books for all students. Teachers overseas have actually been asked to cut the books in half so that they would serve twice as many students. Rotary's response has been to try to supply a complete book to every child that does not have one.  

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In Texas, we shred a book when it is out of adoption which may be as short as three years or as long as seven years.  The books can be obtained without charge from the public school systems. By participating in this program your Rotary Club can make a difference for our schools by relieving their storage, transportation, and destruction costs.   

We often think in the context of our lives in the USA and assume that everyone else is living as we do.  Imagine trying to teach without any books for yourself or your students.  Several Texas Rotary Districts undertook a project to collect books and ship them to where they were needed, starting in 2001. The project touches the great need for literacy in Southern Africa. The project started from a few Rotary districts shipping to Rotary District 9300 in South Africa, and spread across the USA and throughout Southern Africa.  Rotary Books of the World has expanded it reach by shipping container loads of books to India, Argentina, Pakistan and many other countries.

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