The 44th Annual Rotary Lombardi Award Presentation will take place on December 11, 2013 at the beautiful Wortham Center in downtown Houston. The motto for 2013 is Rotary Proud and a Houston Tradition for 43 Years.  Since 1970 the Rotary Club of Houston has celebrated the memory and legacy of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi by awarding the Rotary Lombardi Award to college football’s most outstanding lineman. The Rotary Lombardi Award is one of the most celebrated and prestigious awards in college football and is one of Houston’s most special events.  Individual tickets go on sale November 1, 2013. Rotarians get a deeply discounted price of $80 each or 2 for $125.

The Rotary Lombardi Award and the Heisman Trophy are the only college football awards to have their own exclusive live national television broadcast of their trophy presentation. This exciting event is attended by local government and business leaders along with celebrities from the entertainment and sports worlds, who regularly come to celebrate the winner and help raise millions of dollars for the fight against cancer.

Vince Lombardi once said “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”  Forty-three years ago, the Rotary Club of Houston set out to honor Lombardi’s legacy of determination and discipline by establishing the Rotary Lombardi Award.  Since 1970, the Award has been presented annually to the nation’s best Division I college football lineman (offense or defense) who, in addition to outstanding performance and ability, best exemplifies the discipline and leadership of Vince Lombardi. Since 1970, millions has been raised to help fund cancer research, public education and direct services to cancer patients.

Every year the four finalists come to Houston for this prestigious award. One of the highlights and most endearing events for the finalists are the visits with the Front Line Kids courageously fighting cancer at local hospitals.

Those who vote on the Award consist of all head coaches of NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision teams, all former winners and finalists of the Award, and selected members of the national sports media.

Our sponsors, volunteers and committees tout a profound connection to the Award.  Involvement with the Award connects spirited college sports fans with supporters of the programs of cancer research, public education and direct services to cancer patients; which is in accordance to the wish of the Lombardi family.

Sponsorships are available including special reduced sponsorships for Rotary Clubs within the district. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the Rotary Clubs in the area and show the community what Rotarians are doing in and around the City of Houston. Individual tickets go on sale November 1, 2013. Rotarians get a deeply discounted price of $80 each or 2 for $125. Please visit the web site for more details

All Rotarians are welcome and invited to be a part of this fabulous event. If you would like to be a part of the Rotary Lombardi Award Planning Committee or be a sponsor of the event please contact Brian Carr at 713-706-5669 or email