Waterton Park
Waterton, AB


MESSAGE FROM CO-CHAIR GLEN:  It is with great regret that the Organizing Committee of the 85th WGIPPA Assembly has decided to cancel the impending Assembly for 2017 (September 22nd to 24th) due to the very dangerous forest fire situation adjacent to Waterton Lakes National Park and the Waterton town site where our Assembly was planned.  We had hoped the situation would improve, but in fact, as of this morning, it has worsened.

We further regret any inconvenience this decision to cancel will impose on those planning to attend, however we see no choice but to make this hard decision.

Naturally, registration fees, etc. will be refunded in due course.  Please be patient with us in executing your refunds as we have no experience with such a refund process.

Cancellation of your accommodation and recovery of any deposits, etc. will be the responsibility of individuals.

Again, please accept our apology for this cancellation, but we can’t fight Mother Nature!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

Thanks.  Glenn

Co-Chair, Organizing Committee

2017, 85th Assembly

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association

E-mail: 2coulter@telus.net

Telephone: 403-394-0888

Cell: 403-795-4285