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The students for the 2022/23 exchange year have been selected and will be heading out to Austria, Belgium and France in August. We are looking forward to welcoming our inbound students to our District in the latter half of August!
Recruiting for the 2023/24 exchange year will begin September 2022. Each participating club has their own process for selecting students. After club interviews, selected students then submit a long-form application and complete their medicals. All selected students go through a second round of interviews at the district in January 2023 to ensure they are good fits for the program. Outbound students and their parents must attend Spring Orientation (mid-March 2023, exact dates TBD) and outbound students must attend RYLE or RYPEN (late April or early May 2023, exact dates TBD). Upon return, outbound students and their parents must attend Rebound Survivor Weekend (mid-August 2024, exact dates TBD).
At this time, we do not have a list of participating clubs nor have we selected the countries we will exchange with for 2023/24. Generally, we select countries in western Europe and Japan, but the actual list changes from year to year. Students may indicate a preference for a particular country but there are no guarantees on which country a student will go to.
If you are interested in applying, please check this page in early September for a list of participating Rotary Clubs. Please note that due to the nature of the youth exchange program, clubs will generally not select a student who isn’t already living in the club’s city or town.
If you have other questions related to youth exchange, please contact Karen Munjak at